face4store members

Meet a few of our team members and get a feeling for what keeps them going.

We take pride in working with great team for creating gorgeous stuff and find the right mix that fits what you and your market needs.

Here is the team that can hear the job story from you

Our team

Phuc Nguyen

Phuc Nguyen

The Co-Founder of Face4store.

He always prioritize and organize the work, and from there, work efficiently.

Front-end Developer

Quynh Vu

A thinker developer that likes good design. She really enjoy cutting HTML - CSS , researching UX - UI , discovering award web design all the time.

Somethime at Face4store, she has crazy actions but cute at stress time.

Quynh Vu
Son Tran
Chief Architect

Son Tran

Son Tran has more than 5 years working as a technical architect for such great Internet companies in Vietnam as FPT, HDViet. He also had experience in management as he spent more than 1 year working as a project manager.

Specialized in social network and mobile development, he is not only a technical leader but also a good solution advisor for end client. He is enthusiastic in researching and applying the state-of-the-art technologies into every project that he joins.

Graphic Designer

Dong Anh Vu

One of cute designers.

Her strength is in hand-drawn design. She has slogan: "always be on time on work". That is the true if you have opportunity working with her.

Anh Vu
Tam Huynh
QA Engineer

Tam Huynh

She always do the best to establish the good quality of products.

For each project, she is interested in well coordination between team members. 

Backend Developer

Khanh Tran

He is the "quite developer".

His strength is in coding, organizing every code line at face4store, hard working and doing well under pressure.

Khanh Tran